Vocabulary and Idioms from Episode 2

Using the audio clips and text below, follow the activities on this worksheet to improve your vocabulary and listening skills! These words and phrases are authentic and unrehearsed, taken straight from episode 2 of JTBC.
JTBC Ep. 2 Vocabulary and Idioms


AM: “Well when I was abroad at first I spent several years as um as an exchange student. I always had kind of this natural experience I’d be out in the world you know, homestay, um shopping or something, and always usually a classroom fallback.”

Give and take

AM: “You want something that’s actually meaningful, that you can actually build a conversation out of and have like a natural give and take. And from that natural give and take that’s where the learning and that’s where you actually, kind of figure out how to actually use the language.”

Get your feet wet

AM: “But at first you wanna usually wade in first, you know get a little bit, get your feet wet before you…”


AM: “And you know when you have your native speaker friends, in my case other Americans, to just vent, oh you know why is this happening, it really was very nice.”

Comfort zone

AM: “And I think this goes kind of like, we’ve talked about um you know what we want and we wanna naturally do it, well how do you actually get out get out of your apartment and uh get out of your comfort zone and actually learn.”