Vocabulary and Idioms from Episode 1

Using the audio clips and text below, follow the activities on this worksheet to improve your vocabulary and listening skills! These words and phrases are authentic and unrehearsed, taken straight from episode 1 of JTBC.

Download the vocabulary and idioms from episode 1

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Audio with Text from Episode 1

have a stake in

“With this podcast, what we want to do is share our knowledge with a wider community of learners, English teachers, administrators, and everyone else who has a stake in global education.”

an off-color joke

“I think it was a joke, because he would talk for a little while and he would look at me and he’d have like a mischievous grin, like he was saying an off-color joke or something.”

a two-way street

“Another really important thing to keep in mind is that communication is a two way street.”

with respect to

“So this kind of recognition that maybe there is some sort of challenge with respect to intelligibility is a good step.”


“In their research in 2009, Tracy Derwing and Murray Munro describe some examples of what they call ‘charlatanism and quackery,’ such as guarantees that a person can lose their accent in 28 days[…]”